New Song

2008-05-09 17:57:43 by Hank2006111 /141731

Really nice. You need two speakers for it. It's just a demo. I made it with a few friends.

More Coming Soon

Some new things

2008-04-06 12:08:02 by Hank2006111 you see, I did some new stuff for my header, pic, and icon. Do you like?

New Header and Pic

2008-03-10 18:03:16 by Hank2006111

As the title says, New Header and Pic.

I don't play guitars but It was the only thing that I could find that had a person in it. :P I play the drums. I actually did a recording over the song 'End of Nightmare' which is in my favs. I just love the cool beat. I really just played over it and put some cool fills on it. I just improvised the fills and to me it seemed cool. If you want a copy of the song just e-mail me and I'll send it to you. I can't put it on Newgrounds yet. I need to ask the creator of the song (forgot his name) and ask him if I can put it here on Newgrounds. I might actually submit one that's just me doing drums.

Best Regards,

PS. I'm now halo2007111 on other sites because now every year I make an account I do Halo.

Madness Trailer

Now..This may seem like nothing but, I'm not that good at flash animating. I'm actually much better at Photoshop then Flash. The only place I really do flash would be at school. My parents won't buy me a $800 Softwere that could make me millions (possibly) so that I can pay them back. But, they still won't buy it.

Anyway, I think I have a few names for it but, not a whole lot of them.
Here are some of the names:
Madness: Destruction
Madness: Retaliation
Madness: All Hell Breaks Loose

If you have any other names please pm me. I really need help. This also just possibly be a Collaboration.

Nothing so far...I don't know what to do yet.

Best Regards,
Paulus Abuakel
AKA Hank2006111

Is this a good Script?

2007-11-08 20:40:02 by Hank2006111

Script (Edited Version)
Jon Madden
Scene 1 Act 1
Jon Madden: I'm Jon Madden and I like ponies with huge eyelashes!

Scene 1 Act 2
Jon Madden: To the Braves! 20! 30! 70! Ponies! GOOOOOOAAAALLL Tom Flup!
Rick James: What the...?

Scene 1 Act 3
Rick James: I'm Rick James! Show me those footballs! You call those footballs? I call them golf balls!

Scene 1 Act 4
Jon Madden: I drank that shampane last night so fast like

Star Wars
Scene 2 Act 1
Darth Vader: (breathing) Luke, I am your father.
Luke: Nooooooooo!!!!
Darth Vader: Yea. That is pretty screwed up.
Luke: Yeeessss!
Darth Vader: But Java Hut is your mom.

Scene 2 Act 2
Darth Vader: You wanna' go?
Clone 1: Sure, where?
Darth Vader: The Death Star.